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General tips to help sell your property

The Entrance to your home: First appearances certainly have an impact on what a buyer will think of your home. You may need to soften the entrance with some pot plants or define a clear pathway to the front door. Ensure rubbish bins are out of sight and the front garden is free from litter. The front door is the first thing buyers will see before entering the house and a fresh coat of paint will create a welcoming impression, as will a front door mat in good condition.

Internal Presentation: Ensure walls and carpets are clean, personal items have been put away, fresh towels are hung, pet food bowls have been put away, sinks are free of dishes and cloths, rooms have been aired, heaters are on in winter and coolers in summer where necessary. Maintenance items should have already been addressed, floors fixed, bench tops cleaned, door handles are secure, rooms painted where necessary and clutter cleared. Bathrooms and kitchens must be spotless including clean tiles, basins and toilets and any odours eliminated before inspections. Bedrooms should be inviting and with only the essential furniture items. Excess furniture should be removed to maximise the available space. Personal items should also be removed. De-cluttering may be a challenge but it is a must do.

External Presentation: Lawns should be cut, garden beds weeded and freshly mulched. Any gardening implements or toys should be put away and when possible flowers should be in bloom.

Clean, clean and more cleaning: Buyers will notice if a property is unclean. They will also notice if it is clean and proudly presented. We have certainly seen examples of inferior homes selling over otherwise superior properties because they have been thoroughly cleaned and well presented. Ensure the property you are selling is spotless; inside and out. Wash windows, vacuum and mop and pressure wash the exterior.

Photography: All too often we see agencies skimping on their marketing, in particular the quality of photos presented. Spending a few dollars on a professional photographer will present your home in the best possible light.

Choosing an agent: Agents vary in many ways, from the cost of commission to the amount of communication, to the end result achieved. The choice of your agent can leave you with a feeling of absolute delight or bitter disappointment and frustration. So the question remains, how do you choose? Here are some variables between agents to look out for, before making your decision;

Fees: It is a requirement that agents advise you that commissions are negotiable. At Indigo Real Estate we are not the highest nor are we the lowest agency when it comes to fees. What we believe we offer is the best value. Like everything in life “you get what you pay for”.

By Contacting Us directly, we can help you to understand what you are getting for the fee charged, and answer key questions: Do you get regular communication and updates? Will you receive the best and latest market information and advice? Is the agent a good negotiator? How many active buyers do they have in their database? What is your agent’s availability? Do you get to deal with the agent who listed your property? Are they fully licenced?

If you have a specific questions you would like answered with regards to selling your home, please Contact Us

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