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What does your Property Manager do for you?

Centrally located in Beechworth, Indigo Real Estate is 100% locally owned, staffed, and operated. We offer 7-day availability and regular communication and pride ourselves on the relationships we build and maintain with our Residential Rental Providers and Renters. We offer superior client care, flexibility, honesty, integrity, and innovative marketing strategies. We have strong community connections and genuine community interest.

We deliver a boutique and premium service; in order to achieve the high level of Customer Service and satisfaction we continue to strive for, we have expanded our team to ensure we are prepared for growth and are readily available to service and assist both Landlords and Tenants – we won’t let your property slip through the cracks.

Our Property Management team has a very low turnover when it comes to Residential Rental Providers and the Properties we manage. Jaqui, our Senior Property Manager, is highly regarded in the area, commonly being described as “an efficient communicator”, “friendly, honest & reliable”, and of course, “professional”. Consistently delivering a high level of service offers comfort to our clients and creates an unrivaled relationship, built on loyalty, integrity, and trust.

Jaqui delivers accurate property and rental appraisals, reducing vacancy periods, high tenancy turnover, and loss of rental income. When finding a tenant for your premises, Jaqui ensures thorough screening takes place.

Jaqui specialises in Property Management and is an accomplished Sales Associate. Jaqui offers superior local knowledge and service within our region and has an extensive and unrivaled network of contacts.

Our team communicates with both Residential Rental Providers and Renters on a regular basis, ensuring both parties are kept well informed of the status of the property.

We closely monitor the market, provide regular rent reviews, and suggest rent increases as often as the market permits to ensure you, as a Residential Rental Provider, are getting the best rental return and that your investment continues to grow. We offer rent reviews as part of our routine 6-monthly inspections, 3 months before a fixed term lease ends, and can offer a sales market analysis at your request. Tenancy renewals are promptly negotiated.

By managing our properties effectively, communicating clearly, openly, and honestly, and focusing on preventative maintenance and risk management plans, we have successfully avoided the escalation of complaints and conflict.

By conducting thorough routine inspections, addressing necessary repairs before the Rental Property is listed for lease, and complying with property safety standards, we drastically reduce and manage the risk of ongoing maintenance issues and risk to the prospective Renter.

Indigo Real Estate is a registered and recognised REIV Member; our Team attends regular training and continues to monitor changes in Tenancy Legislation and all relevant acts. Jaqui ensures her knowledge in Property Management and Real Estate is kept up to date through ongoing education, to ensure she can continue to work in the best interests of her Residential Rental Providers at all times.

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